About this website

PuzzleRace.org is a platform for online paper-based contests developed and managed by the Korea and China Association.
The association of each country may use this platform officially. Some competitions will be held by World Master-Level(the member of Hall of Fame) puzzlers.

The puzzle type and competition method are used as same as WPC/WSC and GP tournament operated by the World Puzzle Federation.
World Puzzle Championship / World Sudoku Championship
WPF Sudoku/Puzzle GRAND PRIX

All are welcome to participate as a player in some competitions held on this platform, but in order to register as a player with an official record, an annual membership fee-based membership level (Regular) must be granted.
The regulation of the annual membership fee and payment method are in accordance with the policies of the representative organizations of each countries.
In the case of the national team selection, members of the general level (Membership: Player) may be restricted from participating in the competition according to the operating policy of the host country.

Type of Tests

# Time Attack This is a competition held online for a certain period of time (usually 3 to 7days) and you can participate at any time within this period.
From the moment you activate password, you can solve the puzzle within the given time (test duration) and submit the answers.
Participation is possible if the test duration remains less than the end of the competition, but it will officially end at the end of the test specified.

# Realtime Competitions are held online at the same time around the world, and passwords are automatically provided to all participants at the specified time. The participant solves the puzzle and submits the answer within the time period from the moment of verifying the password.

# Remote When it is necessary to proceed to the finals, the participant must use a web camera or mobile phone to transmit their puzzle solving to the video system in a real time.
If the transmission fails or if outsiders other than the player are exposed on the screen, you will be disqualified.

# Offline The players will attend at the (separated into small scales) official offline venue to participate in the competition, the time given for the competition will be the same as in #Real Time.
The IB (Instruction Booklet) is open to the public in advance and can be practiced, but the PB (Problem Booklet) is printed out and provided by the group supervisor at a fixed time.
The correct answer should be entered and submitted using the tablet or smartphone that each player brought

Status of Tests

# Upcoming This page shows information about the current or upcoming competitions. This page is shown as a table with the following contents.
  1) Scheduled – Promote only the schedule of future competitions
  2) Ready – This is the situation in which the preparation for the competition is completed and the Instruction Booklet has been uploaded
  3) Done – This is the ended competition
  4) Canceled – This is a canceled competition

# Archive Data on the finished competition will be uploaded so that you can check the results of the competition.
Depending on the competition, regular membership may be required to download competition materials.

# Tryout This is a space to experience the competition in advance if you are entering the competition for the first time.

Age Group

- Member registration is renewed on January 1 of each year based on the birth year entered.

- If the competition is conducted by age group, only players under the applicable age can participate in each Age Group.

- Age classification is divided into 6~7 groups such as U08, U10, U12, U15, U18, U23, General, and O65 (silver), and groups may be divided or combined depending on the competition.


- All competition times are managed as UTC+00:00 (Coordinated Universal Time), but for the convenience of participants, they are converted to local time according to the time setting of the participant's current device (mobile/OS) settings.

- If the expected current time is different from the following information, please contact the system administrator.


# IB (Instruction Booklet) This is an information file that is announced one to two weeks before the start of the competition, and includes the operation method of the competition, the type of puzzle to be presented, the number of points, and the correct answer input method.

# PB (Problem Booklet) This is a contest problem file that is announced 30 minutes before the start of the contest. It can be downloaded, but the file cannot be opened or printed because the password is set.
You can check the password when it is announced, and click the [Show Password & Start] button on the screen to view it
From this point on, the timer starts to indicate the remaining time.

# SB (Solution Booklet) This is the correct answer file released after the competition ends.

Input Validation

- In order to prevent users from making minor mistakes when submitting answers, a simple verification system such as verification of the number of digits of the input value is supported.
  (e.g.: If the length of the requested answer is 9 digits, but you enter 8 or 10 digits, a warning will be notified)

- Whether or not to apply the verification is optional by the questioner. When submitting the answer, if the answer form is satisfied, it is displayed in a blue box, and if not, it is displayed in an orange box.

- If it requires two answers in one question, it will be treated as not matching the answer form if you do not submit both.


# Standard Grading The scoring method basically follows Standard Grading, and the results are released collectively after the competition is over (after all rounds have been completed).

# Instant Grading Depending on the competition, the Instant Grading method may be applied, and each time you submit a question, you can check whether the answer is correct for each question. If the answer is found to be incorrect, the answer can be revised and re-submitted, and deductions will be applied to the points assigned to the question for each correction as follows.
- 1st Revision: 90% of the original points
- 2nd Revision: 70% of the original points
- 3rd Revisions: 40% of the original points
- Modified more than 4 times: No allocation of points for the question is recognized

# Bonus Claim (Finish!) If the answer is completed earlier than the given competition time, you can click the [Finish!] button to end the competition earlier
The information on the submission time is used to determine the rankings for tied players.
Depending on the competition, bonus points will be granted (1 points per 1 minute).

# Partial Score We do not operate a partial score system, and the answers must be perfectly matched.
(If multiple answers are required in one question, all answers must match.)