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Try Out

You can tryout for each scoring system:     Scoring System 

STEP 1. Read the IB

Read the IB(Introduction Booklet): Tryout_IB_KCE.pdf

STEP 2. Download the PB

Download the PB(Puzzle Booklet) File and Open: Tryout_PB_KCE_PW.pdf

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If you cleared all the checklists below, you are good to go!

  • I could register & log-in.
  • I could request a password and open password-protected PDF File(Problem Booklet).
  • I could submit answers, and those answers were stayed when I refreshed this webpage.
  • (Try wrong format / wrong answers on purpose) I understood how this system handles wrong answers.
  • Countdown system worked correctly.
  • I got result(final points) as I expected.

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